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to the official web site of Finima Town, located in Bonny, Rivers State of Nigeria. This web site was created as a forum for healthier communication between the people of Finima and the general community at large.

We the undesigned people of Finima, in futherance of our pursuit of peace in Finima land, on behalf of the entire Finima Community comprising BUOYE OMUSO (BROWN) MAJOR HOUSE, THE ATTONI HOUSE AND THE TOBIN HOUSE have agreed ... More


Message From The Paramount Chief Of Finima
In order to effectively carry out its mandate, the Finima Community has established a number of Committees to assist it in the management of the community process. There are three (3) kinds of such committeess

Hope For Higher Community Investment
With exports from its only liquefied natural gas plant on Bonny Island rising, Nigeria said this month it expects to see gas bringing in as much income in 10 years as oil does today


President Olusegun Obasanjo said in an October 1 National Day broadcast
"Our objective is to earn as much from gas as we do from crude oil in the first decade of the 21st century,''

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria
Vast opportunities, rich returns within Nigeria.

Update On NITEL Privitization
As you are aware, the Privatisation of NITEL is the National Council on Privatisation's flagship transaction, and the successful completion will signal a vote of confidence in the Federal Government's reform efforts....

Investors Corner
Investing right is a big decision and must be the right one. Read about the how to become a potential Investor and get useful tools to aid you.

Advisers Corner
To provide assistance in the preparation and conduct of divestiture transactions, BPE routinely engages firms and individuals as advisers to help in various activities which include: policy advice; institutional and public enterprise reforms; sale preparation, transaction and implementation; management/engineering services; procurement services; and social and environmental studies.

Nigeria LNG
Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is a joint venture company established to design, construct and operate the natural gas transmission system and liquefaction facility located at Finima on Bonny Island in the Rivers region in Southeast Nigeria. A two-train project started up in fourth quarter of 1999 with sales to Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and Turkey. Equity participation in NLNG is Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) 49%, Shell Gas BV 25.6%, Cleag Ltd. (Elf) 15%, and Agip International BV 10.4%. Plant design capacity is 5.78 million tons per year of LNG liquefied into the tanks, which translates into approximately 7 Bcm equivalent of delivered LNG. Shell is appointed technical manager of the project through a Technical Service Agreement.

Chief Asamayibo Henry Buowari-Brown
Chief Asamayibo Henry Buowari-Brown
the Head of Buoye Omuso Brown Major House and Paramount Ruler of Finima, Bonny Island, Rivers State.
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